Pre Order a Case of DAX 2nd Edition Books Here at 50% Off

Everyone Wins in this Deal!

Last week, one of our clients (The Wolf, actually) said “put us down for a case of 2nd edition books.”  And that got us thinking – if we discounted that case of books by 50%, it would make it way cheaper for our client (a good thing), AND ultimately cheaper for us too, since the more we can afford to print up front, the cheaper the printing becomes.

So I encourage you to run this one up the corporate flagpole.  Get 24 books, educate the whole team, save over $400 in the process, AND start making better biz decisions that result in hundreds of thousands (or millions!) of dollars in bottom line improvement.  An entirely responsible thing to do.

Click here for the case special.  And the rest of the pre-order campaign, with its special gifts like the t-shirt, sticker, and poster, remains live here.