In Tuesday’s post, I showed how WingDings and other symbolic fonts can be used on slicers for an interesting effect.

Question is:  what happens when you send the resulting workbook to someone else, or publish it to SharePoint?

Here are the quick results of my investigation so far.

Sending them the XLSX File

This appears to work great as long as they have the font you used installed on their computer.

The fonts I used in Tuesday’s post are probably installed on anyone’s computer who is running Office 2010, but I’m only 99% sure of that.  A Windows XP computer might lack one or two of them.

But if you download a brand-new custom font like Chili Dingbats and use that, it won’t work unless the other person downloads it too.

Publishing to SharePoint

Still in progress here, but so far here are my findings:

  1. The report consumer needs the font installed on their computer, just as in the case above.
  2. Internet Explorer works great.
  3. Firefox refuses to show ANY of the fonts I used 🙁
  4. Chrome mostly works, but there was one issue we’re still looking at
  5. We haven’t tested Safari yet.  Stay tuned.