Custom Wooden Hoops Clogs

“Hey!  Where’d you get that pic??”

-Kasper “The Killer Ghost” de Jonge

Guest Poster Becomes Co-Owner!

Over the past few months, Kasper has provided a number of excellent guest posts – the most prolific guest poster in this blog’s short history in fact.

I have to wait until next week to find out exactly how good Kasper is at hoops.  But I already know he plays a mean game of PowerPivot.  In fact he plays a mean game of… numbers in general.

Quite simply, he receives the P3 Adaptive “Zero Doubt” stamp of approval.

OK…  what does this mean?

Pretty simple really.  You get more good advice, examples, and tips.  Kasper has a ton of great stuff to share, like the post above, and I thought it was time everyone saw more of it.  We’re taking off the “guest post” flag for Kasper and giving him a set of keys to the car.

In all honesty, I learn at least as much from Kasper as he does from me.  We have different backgrounds – he has more experience in traditional BI than I do, and I have more Excel experience.  He and I chat all the time, swapping observations and techniques – via email, IM, Skype, and Twitter.

Rob, are you still going to post?

Yes, I  have no plans to stop blogging.  In fact you’ll be seeing even more of me going forward once I’m done launching our company’s PowerPivot-based product line.

My evil long-term plans exposed!

Fact is, I want the name “P3 Adaptive ” to not just be an alias for “Rob Collie.”  I want it to mean something more than that.  A community.  A designation – where people say “I am a P3 Adaptive .”  It’s a new style of professional that’s just getting off the ground, and in the future we will see PowerPivot skills and certification specifically targeted by recruiters, internally trained for within corporations, and listed on resumes in the same way someone would list C++ or T-SQL as their primary skill today.

Go back and read this post for a clearer idea of what I’m talking about.  I absolutely believe we are headed for a world like that.

Kasper and I just happen to be early to the party.  I suspect there aren’t many people in the world so far who have been paid specifically to provide PowerPivot expertise (which we both have).

But it’s ramping up faster than you might think.  I just saw a job posting where the recruiter mentions PowerPivot specifically as a “must-have” or “must-learn.”  Cool huh?  It hasn’t even been released for a month 🙂

So, welcome Kasper.  The Bio Page has been updated to reflect his presence on the staff and certification as a trusted P3 Adaptive .

More may join us over time.  Rest assured that the bar will remain high 🙂

And Kasper, I’m still gonna do my absolute best to crush you next week 🙂