Check out what happens if you start to type “PowerPivot” into Google’s search box these days:


Very gratifying, for sure.  Thanks folks, this feels good.

(I won’t comment on Bing, which clearly favors the blogs of current MS employees – cough cough PowerPivotGeek cough cough)

What I’ve Been Doing, What I Will Talk About Next

Maurice Prather and I have been heads-down this week getting PivotStream’s server farm up to date with SharePoint and PowerPivot RTM.  Four servers working together as a unit.  It feels like a phenomenal amount of power and capability, to be honest.

Here are some things on the agenda for the next week or two, in terms of the blog:

    1. Follow-up on my usage of Notepad++ – thank you Colin, I will never go back
    2. An overview of our PowerPivot farm, tradeoffs we’ve made, considerations we covered, etc.
    3. Re-usage techniques for PowerPivot logic, and workarounds for PowerPivot’s lack of data-level security
    4. Our first online, interactive PowerPivot demos! – Yes, these are coming 🙂
    5. My upcoming Teched joint session with that villainous hijacker of search engines, the PowerPivotGeek himself, Dave Wickert.

There are a few other things as well that I am sure I have forgotten.  Can’t wait to share.  May have to tell the folks at PivotStream that I’m going dark for a day or two to just pump out blog content 🙂

Any preference on where I start in the list above?  Drop me a comment.  I’m happy to tailor the sequence.