Just got back from a super intense week at the SharePoint conference in Vegas, where I worked the PowerPivot booth, met a ton of interesting people, and decided that after a weekend of rest, I was going to dive into “that blogging thing.”

I was blown away by what I saw at the conference.  I’ll explain more in an upcoming post, but suffice it to say that even I was surprised (and I work on the PowerPivot team). 

So why blog?  A few reasons. 

1) Quite simply:  PowerPivot, and SharePoint-based BI in general, is going to be huge.  Most of you don’t know me yet, but I am rarely quick to endorse or embrace technology.  Most tech is “guilty until proven innocent” in my eyes :P  So when I’m jazzed about something and thrilled to be a part of it, well, that’s an event in my life.  I’m excited about it, and want to share that with others.

2) I’d love to establish an informal place where people can ask questions about PowerPivot and other SharePoint BI-related technologies. There really isn’t such a place yet, and I think we need one.  A place where we can swap ideas, tips and tricks, and play one of my favorite games, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”

3) Enthusiasts are where it’s at.  In all my years at Microsoft, my favorite thing so far has been meeting Excel power users.  Their enthusiasm and energy for the product, and their excitement at meeting another person who “gets it,” well, I just love that vibe.  I want more of that :)  This is a great way for me to meet more of you gridheads (you know who you are).  But the SharePoint community – wow, the conference opened my eyes.  You folks are amazing, and I’m very happy that you’re integral to the PowerPivot world.  And the hardcore BI enthusiasts – I know you’re lurking out there, too.  Who knows what new reindeer games will we invent while mixing those three communities?  And hopefully this will inspire a new breed of PowerPivot enthusiast, that we will all enjoy interacting with for years to come.  Because fundamentally, life is all about people.  I hope you agree.

In another upcoming post, I will explain my rough plans for the blog for the first month or so.  We’ll take it from there.  If you’d like to know a little bit more about me (most of it on the lighter side), please check out “Who is P3 Adaptive ?” above.

But for now… Hello Everybody 🙂