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Power BI Job Opps, Power Pivot Class Sold Out, Power BI Discussion

Four quick topics today:

  1. Mini-application for for P3 Adaptive jobs
  2. Specific job opp in Seattle area
  3. Indy class sold out
  4. Last week’s Power BI post and the (even more interesting) followup discussion

1) “Mini-Application” Form for P3 Adaptive Jobs

Back in January I mentioned that we’d be expanding the P3 Adaptive team this year.  The calendar tends to zip by under our feet rather quickly, and here we are in August, but we’ve quietly been growing the team, slowly, in the intervening months.

Now however it’s time to lay the groundwork for the next growth phase.  Microsoft is getting serious about Power BI, which is right in our wheelhouse (since it’s built on the Power Pivot and Power Query engines, and philosophically is very much “of our religion.”)  So we’ve got to be ready for the next surge in client demand.

If you responded to that January post (via email), by now you should have heard from us – over the past six weeks we’ve been “beta testing” our application process with the January respondents.  (If you didn’t hear from us, it’s probably because our reply got caught in a spam filter – no worries, the next step that we emailed out is below).

If you’re interested in getting onto our radar, please fill out this short “mini-application” form:

Fill Out the “Mini-Application” Here

Note that this is a pretty “chill” process, at least at the moment.  The range of opportunities is wide, and we’ll be contacting people as client demand increases, so if you don’t hear back right away, please don’t be concerned.

(Similarly if you are part of the January crew and are wondering why the line has “gone dead” in the past two weeks, it’s because I’ve been traveling – apologies.  I will get back to you shorty).

2) 18-Month Job Opp in Seattle

We have a specific and immediate need for someone in the Seattle area.  It would be a guaranteed 18 months of full time work.  Yes, it would be “TBD” after that, so this is not for the risk-averse, but you’d end this assignment with fantastic experience and resume material, and be well-positioned for whatever other opportunities open up with us during that time frame.

If you’re interested, please fill out the same mini-app linked above, and somewhere in your comments specifically mention your interest in the Seattle job.  Also please give us an idea of your compensation needs, keeping in mind that this would be a contractor position rather than FTE with benefits.

3) Indy Class Sold Out

Really exciting!  We even upgraded to the largest room at the training center (largest that will run the proper computers, anyway), and STILL the class is full.

Stay tuned for upcoming in-person class announcements. We will do 1 or 2 more of these during this calendar year.

4) Power BI Discussion

Microsoft Power BI Team Joined Our Discussion!

A Few Influential “Microsofties” Even
Joined Last Week’s Discussion

We were very encouraged to see so many comments on last week’s “transitioning to Power BI Desktop” post.

There’s a natural tension here, in that the Excel version of these tools has been THE version, and also that, oh, I don’t know, Excel is the most popular data tool in the world by far.  And now we have this new thing too.

A few of the commenters shared their skepticism about adding the new tool to their repertoire, either as a complement or substitute for the Excel-based tools.  Those comments generally fell into five categories:

  1. We want to connect Excel pivots directly to Power BI models in the cloud.
  2. When do we get PivotTables as a “visualization” in Power BI?
  3. Everyone needs Export to Excel, even!
  4. Let us share PowerBI dashboards with people outside of our own personal email domains.
  5. Please let us convert Power Pivot models into Power BI Desktop models.

This brought a healthy and positive response from Microsoft employees who are working on Power BI.  Even Amir Netz, Godfather of All Things Power Pivot, dropped by for the first time in several years:


Amir Netz Commenting on “Matrix” Parity vs. Pivots, as Well as Direct Excel Connect

If you haven’t read last week’s post or browsed through the 45+ comments, I encourage you to take a brief diversion over that way todaySmile