Awhile back we announced the Excel Monkey TShirt Contest.  All was good, but then I got a little lax about announcing the winner 🙂

Well, the judges (me, Denny, and Chris) huddled and it was unanimous.  The man who started it all, David Coe, takes home the fabulous prizes… once those prizes are in print 🙂

100% Authentic Quote from the Winner Himself

“Wow.  I am speechless.  This is truly the most magnificent thing to happen to me in days.”

     (OK, he didn’t say that.  I just made that up.  His REAL quote was:)

“Wow, I can’t believe my monkey didn’t get spanked”

     And no, I did NOT make that one up 🙂


As a reminder, the prizes are three autographed books – one by Denny Lee and company, two by Mr. Excel:

Denny Book Bill Book 1 Bill Book 2

Entries Recap

Here was David’s winning entry:

Runner-Up – Entry from Dan English:

Dan English Excel Monkey Evolution

Our fine CEO at PivotStream, Jeff Elderton, submitted this entry that I think was perhaps a little tongue-in-cheek:

   jeff1 Jeff2

And Thiago Zavaschi submitted this concept sketch that he was hoping the design department here at P3 Adaptive could flesh out better.  Sadly, there is no such department.


Congratulations David!