Post by Rob Collie

Solid Analyst / Data Modeler / Dashboard Dev Available Immediately

A few months ago, I convinced one of my younger friends to take a big risk.  Proficient in DAX and M, the heart and soul of both Power Pivot AND Power BI, he was ready for bigger things.  His role at his employer in Ohio didn’t acknowledge or encourage his professional growth.

With my encouragement, he accepted an aggressive new job in California  He packed up his life (as did his wife!) and they were off to the west coast.

Well the new role turned out to be more “BI Director” than “Place to Crunch Numbers as Part of a Team.”  The kind of job where the mechanical/analytical skills are only one small part of the puzzle, the mission is completely undefined, and even the underlying business itself is in a fledgling state.

So I had talked him into taking a job, TODAY, that he SHOULD have been accepting in five years.  I pushed him too hard too fast, and it’s not working out.  He needs a different job, one where he can ply his craft, contribute solid value, and learn more about business.

His salary needs are modest, his skills developed, and his attitude positive. If your company needs help, he’s worth a serious look.  If you’re interested, please reach out at the email address below and we’ll get you more information.

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