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March 12, 2020

Welcome to the New Normal

Observations, Trends, and Wild Speculation
February 18, 2020

ALL(‘the Bengal Ladies’)

BI Stories / Journey
January 31, 2020

Just in Time for the Big Game: Install NFL Analytics by P3!

Power BI
January 20, 2020

Big Changes Coming in Q1 2020, Including New Classes!

Power BI Training
October 23, 2019

“Head to Head” Comparison Infographic in Power BI

Creative Visualizations
September 25, 2019

Now Hiring Power BI Consultants AND Evangelists!

Job Postings
September 19, 2019

A Brief Treatment of DIVIDE(), RANKX(), and “N/A”

September 12, 2019

Yes, Power BI Can Do THIS: Free, Interactive NFL Stats

Creative Visualizations
September 5, 2019

Coming Soon: No Checkdowns (aka “NFL Season is Dashboard Season”)

Creative Visualizations
July 2, 2019

Power Query Fail!

Power Query
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