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We don't want to THINK.  We want to KNOW.

“We don’t want to THINK.  We want to KNOW.”

A few days ago, on the FAQ page, David Vella was asking some questions about PowerPivot, including PowerPivot adoption.  If you’d like to see his questions, and my answers, you can see the whole exchange here, but below I’ve excerpted a portion of my reply:

“Other than Pivotstream’s own heavy usage, I didn’t see signs of significant real-world deployments until roughly September of 2010. Adoption slowly crept up through the end of the year, and then really took off in January. Blog traffic is up about 30%, and more telling is that new clients reach out to us at about 5x the rate of last year.

The one place where I think adoption is slower than desired, ironically, is with Excel users. What I am seeing is a lot of enthusiastic top-down adoption, and very little bottom-up adoption. By the time PowerPivot reaches its entire target audience (millions upon millions of Excel power users), I expect to see blog traffic at about 100x (or more) of what I have today. So there is a long way to go with that crowd. But the top-down crowd is gaining steam in a big way.”

After I wrote that, it struck me that it would be useful (for all of us) to have more data on this beyond my own experience.

So, without further ado, here it is:

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