Welcome Home: It’s not just a bombastic prog-metal song

Continuous hiring mode

In P3’s history, we’ve had a bit of a “reactive cyclical” hiring model. Demand for our services would grow, stretching us to the limits of staffing, so we’d add 1-2 new consultants. And those new consultants would instantly take us from “short of capacity” to “excess capacity,” so we’d kinda pause hiring for awhile. Then the cycle would repeat.

I think that era is over, and we’re now going to be continually hiring. The value proposition we bring to clients is second to none, and that reputation has a way of getting around over time. Plus we now have a full-time marketing department (I have a team reporting to me again!), and they’re very good at what they do.

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The Best Place to Work

If you’re keen on the Power Platform, I think we are THE best place to work. That’s the kind of bold claim that must be followed up with some “why” detail, so here goes…

We are committed to The Right Thing.

imageYou know all those frustrating moments when you KNOW something could be faster/more effective/less stupid, but “the powers that be” block the proposed improvement for some sort of selfish or fearful bureaucratic reason? Or even worse, because they don’t like where the idea came from (aka you)? Yeah, that doesn’t happen here. Our clients hire us, by definition, because they want to evolve. If they wanted slow, wasteful, and bureaucratic, they’d hire one of the more traditional firms in this space.

For our clients, we always pursue the path that provides the maximum possible benefit in the shortest responsible timelines. We don’t milk projects or drag them out. If something can be done for a client in a day, we do it in a day, and we’re always raising the bar in terms of how we can help their business. We feel GOOD about what we do, and if we don’t, we speak up and make changes.

Some people might call this an overrated benefit, but I chose to lead with it, because it’s HUGE. There’s something about doing valuable work, and being appreciated for it – for seeing its impact, and hearing people GUSH at you about how much you’ve helped them – that makes work feel a lot less like work. As human beings we are WIRED for this sort of positive, small-scale cooperation, and at P3, our business model is to lean into that – hard.

Corollary: it’s rarely boring.

imageWe also don’t hoard knowledge from our clients, so over time, some of them decide to take on more and more of the work themselves, and lean on us for the harder parts. On average, this means that the projects we execute tend to be more “intellectual challenge” than “grinding slog.”

And since we avoid project plans that waste clients’ time (above), we find ourselves in the stimulating end of the pool more often than the boring one. Yes, ALL jobs have some boring parts, but we’re lighter on those than you’ll find anywhere else.

The pay is competitive. Then we add 30%.

imageWe pay a good salary and offer top-notch benefits, so that’s good. But then we do something unusual: on average, our consultants make an additional 30% (relative to their salary) in monthly incentive bonuses.

We have a “when the company wins, you win” philosophy, and we back that with money – significant money. Attaboys (and Attagirls!) are nice, but we prefer to accompany them with currency rather than Starbucks gift cards, because that’s what WE would prefer.

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We’ll still be a remote company when COVID is gone.


We shrugged off COVID because we
were ready for it before it happened

Long before COVID forced other companies into “work from home mode,” we were already 100% operating on that model. We know how to make it work, we prefer it, and we have no plans to convert to office-based when the pandemic passes.

So, no commute ever again – reclaim those hours of your life forever. And as long as you’re hitting your deliverables, the job is super flexible about how you juggle your day between personal and professional demands.

In fact we’re such an outlier on this remote work front (and our incentive plan) that Authority Magazine interviewed me about our approach last year.

You = “our people.”

Future team members who are reading this, you are ALREADY one of us, you just haven’t shown up yet Smile

Our interview process doesn’t explicitly select for this sort of thing, but it might as well, because everyone who comes through it shares some amazing qualities – human qualities. The people at P3 Adaptive are funny, warm, interesting, and helpful. Talented and self-deprecating. Underappreciated and often isolated in their former roles.

But here, it’s kinda like that tap-dancing “bee girl” in the Blind Melon video when she finds her Bee People at the end:


Such a cheesy metaphor that I wouldn’t dare say it if it weren’t true

It’s kinda bizarre, considering the probabilities involved at our size, but we don’t have any jerks! ZERO! Just really cool people. I don’t understand it, but I love it.

And I’m looking forward to seeing you around our virtual hallways Smile

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