Data with the Human Element. Three episodes dropped today!

Raw Data by P3 Adaptive – “Data With the Human Element”

***UPDATE*** The podcast is now also live on Apple Podcasts

We overhauled our website in April of this year, and daaaaamn do I love it. It’s sharp, it’s modern, it’s just a touch edgy – and that represents us more accurately to first-time visitors than our old site did. Our core mission is to disrupt and revolutionize a stodgy old industry, we’ve proven our approach works, and the redesign reflects that side of us quite well. It’s just good branding and marketing to lean into your differentiating characteristics. No complaints.

But the human element is ALWAYS the most powerful force in any situation – tech included – and we’re doing the community (and ourselves) a disservice if we neglect it. There is SO MUCH VALUE to be “harvested” on the human side of the equation, and some of our most popular posts over the years have always been in that vein.

So it was time to bring the personality back a bit, tucked away on a less-formal “page 2.” But the blogging medium seems so…  2010.  So limiting. Less human than actually hearing people’s voices. It was time to rock the mic, and rock it we have.

But do I “got what it takes to rock the mic right?”  You decide.

A Power BI podcast with a penchant for storytelling - data and otherwise

It may have been a mediocre scene in a terrible episode of a terrible season,
but Tyrion was onto something with the opener to that speech.

I won’t steal its thunder…

We have a page for the podcast and everything. And pages for each episode. Let’s let them do their thing.

Spoiler alert though? The guests are ringers, and LaRock is a heck of a fractionally-available co-host.

“But Rob can I get a Power BI word cloud?”

Yeah, absolutely, I’m glad you asked.

Actual Power BI content follows.

Power BI podcast wordcloud, episode 1

Episode 1 Curated Word Cloud

Power BI podcast wordcloud, episode 2

Episode 2 Curated Word Cloud

Power BI podcast wordcloud, episode 3

Episode 3 Curated Word Cloud

Created using the following hand-entered table:


Note the commas – they are important!

And using the free version of the Tag Cloud visual by xViz. This visual let me do sentence fragments as the individual “words,” whereas the other one I tried broke every sentence into individual words and scattered them everywhere.

I just had to set this to “commas only,” and then of course add commas in my text where I wanted them split:

Customizing the xViz tag cloud visual to give me phrases in my cloud