Welcome to the New Normal

We’re All Going to Keep Working, But We’re Going to be Smart About It Now is the Time I’ve been mentally working on this post for nearly two weeks.  “Post it too soon,” I told myself, “and you’ll look like an alarmist weirdo.”  But once we saw what was happening in China, Italy, etc., and once it was “in the wild” in Washington state, it was pretty clearly just a matter of time.  Put a ball at the top of a hill, give it a push, and it’s going to roll to the bottom while picking up speed.  Simple as that.  So here we are.  Let’s talk a bit about where “here” is. Short Term:  Social Distancing is a Must Folks, this thing is already everywhere.  In your recent commutes and workdays, it’s instructive to think that you’ve seen multiple undiagnosed people.  They’re out there.  Heck, some people reading this … Continue reading Welcome to the New Normal