Power BI Jobs at P3 Adaptive

You’re Good at Power BI, but Underutilized, Bored, and/or Feeling Alone?
Maybe We Can Fix All That.

“You folks are the only office I would EVER go back to”

This is one of my favorite recent quotes, and it came from a member of our consulting team on one of our virtual team meetings.  He was saying that his colleagues at P3 Adaptive make it the only workplace he’s ever truly enjoyed.  For me, that’s some seriously heartwarming validation – that we can gather together “my people” and provide that positive of an experience…  that’s some top-shelf, right-in-the-feels stuff.

But it gets better…  notice his use of the words “would” and “back?”  That’s because we don’t have an office per se.  We all work primarily from a combination of two places:  our homes, and at clients’ facilities.  Most days, there’s zero commute and zero need for business attire – we settle in with our morning coffee and get right to work solving client problems with our good friends DAX and M – and the best team in the business just a Slack call away.

So Ryan was saying he’d even give up all of that flexible, telecommuting convenience if we someday were all in one place.  THAT, my friends, is perhaps the strongest endorsement I could EVER want.

Our Specific Needs

  1. We have IMMEDIATE opportunities if you live in the greater Seattle area.  We could have you started as soon as a proper notice period is respected with your current employer.
  2. If you’re interested in supplementing your existing income, we also have an ongoing and immediate need for contracted talent (as long as you have 9-5 availability).
  3. If you’re interested only in FTE work, PLEASE still apply!  There’s no telling how hot things are gonna get in the second half of this year, and we like to have good candidates queued up.

(Note that this is all still USA only folks, sorry).

Apply Here for Principal Consultant

…And One More Job Opp that’s a Bit Different:  Operations Support Specialist

As we grow here at P3, we’re increasingly in need of “HQ” support.  I’ve said this numerous times but will say it again:  there’s never been a BI/Data consulting firm anything like ours in terms of business and operational models, and we’re discovering/inventing the template as we go.  Blazing trails.  That’s challenging and interesting work, and not the sort of thing we can bog down the consulting team with.  We need more brainpower working with us in this effort, full-time focused.

Would you (or someone you know) like to help us on that front?  This isn’t a client-facing role, at least in the beginning, so Power BI expertise is not a requirement (but even a little bit of exposure to it, and/or a willingness to pick some of it up, is a plus).

Here’s a fragment of the job description (click the Apply link below to see it all):

We’re looking for a Sales and Operations Support Specialist, preferably in the Portland, OR area, who will provide administrative and operations support to our Vice President of Client Services to ensure processes are running smooth and efficient in a highly dynamic, entrepreneurial environment. You will perform, organize, and streamline operational tasks while monitoring for problems, taking immediate action where possible and escalating when required.

You will be expected to gain an understanding of our processes, systems, people, and executive strategy to anticipate needs and offer solutions. This individual will be detail oriented, solutions/process focused, and a team player with an ability to handle multiple, and often shifting priorities. This is an exciting opportunity to grow and learn in a fast paced, analytics consulting and training company.

Apply Here for Operations Specialist

I hope to see some new faces around the virtual table at our next team meeting Smile