Make it an Epic Week of Power BI Goodness

Why Fly Home Tuesday Night? Make it an epic week.

Join me in Seattle for a full week of Power BI Goodness

Hi folks, in what’s become a tradition, we like to teach classes in Seattle and schedule them consecutively with Microsoft’s biggest annual Power BI conference.

Well this year will be no exception.  Let’s get after it.

Three Simple Steps

1) Register for the Microsoft Biz Apps Summit.  Last year’s similar conference sold out QUICKLY, so you should move fast.  We had a lot of people want to “double up” last year who got locked out of the MS conference.

2) Register for our Power BI Foundations and/or Power Query classes.  These will be held on Microsoft campus in Redmond WA.

3) Consider whether you want to then stay on in Seattle for the weekend.  As a former resident of the Puget Sound from 1996-2009, take it from me:  there is no better time to visit beautiful Seattle than late July.

Yep, it’s like that.
(Photo credit: Getty Images)

Optional Fourth Step?

Also consider arriving a day early and catching me at my Biz Apps conference pre-day workshop, titled “Get immediate business impact with Power Pivot Modeling in Excel.”  If you plan on attending Power BI Foundations later in the week, you might also consider one of the 13 other pre-day workshops (or just join me twice and REALLY get “dosed.”)  See the whole list here by filtering Session Type = “Pre-Day Workshop.”

Other Questions You Might Have

Q: Who’s actually teaching?

A: I’m going to be teaching both the Pre-Day workshop at the conference AND the Power BI Foundations classes.  I’ll be assisted at times by members of the P3 Adaptive team, because they’re the ones in the trenches every day soaking up the latest developments and it would be a shame to deprive you of their knowledge, but yes, I’m doing the bulk of the teaching.  The Power Query class will not be taught by me, but I WILL be in the room that day.

Q: The P3 Adaptive Classes are Being Taught on Microsoft Campus?

A:  Yep.  In fact, you will get to meet about a dozen members of the Microsoft Excel software engineering team, who will also be attending.

Q:  So if I’m doing both Biz Apps and P3 Adaptive training, should I consider booking different hotels?

A:  Probably, yes.  The conference is in downtown Seattle, and our classes will be across the lake in Redmond, which can be a tricky commute. We’ve had people stay in Seattle the whole time in the past and not complain, so this is not a must – purely a convenience tradeoff.

Q:  I have a different question not answered here.

A:  Throw it in the comments and we’ll respond!