Talk About Your Personal Journey OR Share a Technique – Either Way, it’s Time YOUR Voice is Heard Smile

Are you ready to see your name in lights?

Hi folks!  I know, I know…  long time, no write.  I’ve been busy, ahem, ramping things up behind the scenes here at P3 Adaptive HQ.  More on that in a couple weeks, at which point I’ll be more “around” than I have been recently.

I’m posting today because there are a lot of you out there who’ve yet to discover how compelling you are.  “Undiscovered and compelling” is a fun pairing!  And remember, I myself started this site in 2009, having NO idea whether I’d be any good at this gig.

So ask yourself two questions:

  1. Would it be fun and/or exciting to be published on this site?
  2. Are you nervous that you won’t be any good at it?

Well, if you answered “Yes” to both, you’re in PRECISELY the same spot I was in 2009.

In other words, you are overqualified Smile

“But What Would I Write About?”

That’s the easy part!  How about telling the story of your own personal journey in Power BI Land?  Or share a nifty little trick you’ve discovered/invented?  For a change of pace, why not tell us about a compelling personal usage of the Power tools?  Or a hybrid of story and technique, like Gordon shared last week?  Or maybe you have a rant that’s been bottled up for a long time…  we like all of those.  AND we’re open to other ideas too!

“But How Would I Make it GOOD?”

First off, don’t underestimate yourself.  See above – everyone starts somewhere, including me.

Second, we’re going to help you! There are 2-3 fine individuals on this end just lining up to be your coaches and guides in this process.  We won’t leave you hanging – on the contrary, we’ll hold your hand the whole way.

Drop us a note, let’s get started!

It’s time to start developing and refining a new talent/skill – one that will benefit you in many ways (pride and bragging rights being just part of the equation).  It won’t hurt your next job search either Smile

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