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Power BI and Power Pivot Job Opportunities Found These Wonderful People - Now Let the Same Find You :)
Some of Our New Consultants (So Far, That Is!) in 2017

Seriously, why haven’t you applied?

We have more work than we can do.  You have more skills than can be appreciated or rewarded in your current job.  Once that becomes clear, it’s easy to put SQRT(4) and RANDBETWEEN(2,2) together…

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Telecommute While Working in DAX :)Oh you say this post is too short eh?

Well then… did I mention that the people who work here are hands-down some of my favorite people to even just…  hang out with?  Our company Slack buzzes every day with humor, observations, and tips/tricks.  Got a question about M or Power BI licensing?  You get to just ask your elite and friendly colleagues.

Oh, and say goodbye to your commute.  We all telecommute, except when we’re onsite with a client – and the frequency of the latter is flexible (aka, some folks do it a lot more than others, and we have a bonus scaling system to help make it worthwhile for the folks on the higher end).

Speaking of which I’m also told that we pay pretty well in general.

So OK, let’s see your name appearing in our candidate queue in 3…  2….

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