Five Trips Back Into Hands-On Consulting

In the TV show Undercover Boss, a President or CEO dons a disguise in order to work, for the first time, as one of the front-line employees of their own business.  Other than being good TV, and inspiring amusing Star Wars-themed lampoons, this provides the executive with some valuable wisdom on their own business.  I’ve always loved this concept, and respected the executives who would do it (whether it’s part of a television show or not).

In my case, I’ve done the “front line” job at my company – I was the first in fact – but I’ve been pulled away from it over the past 18 months.  Running our growing company (four amazing new consultants hired this year, and two more starting this month!) has been my focus, with a side helping of getting my personal life re-balanced, and it’s been awhile since I’ve “run my fingers through some data,” as I’m fond of saying.

And while those are both important, it’s time for me to re-connect with the soul of our work – directly working with clients, helping them solve their data problems.  I’m eager to get an intense dose of what got me all energized about Power BI (and Power Pivot of course) in the first place Smile

But since I DO have to return to my job as President before too long, I have to limit this to five engagements over the next couple months.

How to Set Up a Visit

If this sounds like something you and/or your team would find valuable, all you have to do is email this fancy new address:

[email protected]

What About Public Classes?

In contrast to the private consulting/training I’ll be doing (which is the focus of the paragraphs above), some of you noticed that I’m simultaneously on a “farewell tour” of teaching our Foundations class – which is the class I’ve been teaching and refining since 2010.

There’s been some confusion about that, and I’d like to ALSO clear that up.  A few important points:

  1. Atlanta (August 15-16) is NOT the last time I’ll be teaching the Foundations public class!  I will also be teaching this year in Denver (Sept 19-20), Washington DC (Oct 17-18), and Dallas (Nov 14-15).
  2. When I’m done with those dates, I will NOT be retiring from teaching!  Instead, I will be teaching a new class, probably something like a deep-dive, full-day class on my Ten Things You Can do With Data / Power BI concepts, and/or a class aimed at executives and leaders who want to transform their data culture.
  3. Our other excellent consultants/instructors will then take over the Foundations class, so that class is not going away either.  It’s just that I think it’s time I stretch myself a bit and develop new material – new ways in which I can help organizations at the scale of public workshops.

Let’s Get to It

I wish everyone reading this a productive and transformational second half of 2017, and hope to be a part of it.  Let’s go get amazing Smile