"Tune" our Power BI / Power Pivot Classes for this Year!Hi folks!  Before we announce our public class schedule for 2017 (cities and dates and content oh my!), I’d like to get just a quick bit of, you know, ACTUAL DATA on what you’d like to see 🙂

Short version:  it’s just one question below 🙂

Lots of things are open to consideration – length of course (2 days minimum, but we’re debating the prospect of “add-on days” for those who’d like more intensive study) as well as content.  (You’ll get DAX and M no matter what, since those are the “brains” of both Power Excel and Power BI, but which environment would you prefer to see for instance?)

And if you’ve taken one of our classes before, feel free to answer based on either what you would have LIKED the course to have been instead (if different from what you got), and/or what sort of add-on days you’d like to attend (we’d let you skip the first two days and just take the add-ons).