Who would you say is a better teacher? The teacher standing at the head of the classroom? Or the student next to you?

Often the right answer is the teacher, but sometimes the student next to you is the one that can help you the best. Because they are struggling with the same issues you are. And if they just figured it out, they can probably help you too.

The reality is everyone has something to teach, something to give. And we can learn something from each person we meet.

Meet our Intern – Sharan Jhangiani

Sharan has joined P3 Adaptive as an Intern. The good news is, he’s chronicling his Power BI learning journey on LinkedIn. I am pretty sure, others just starting out on the Power BI journey would benefit from reading his experience. Sharan would also do a post here on our blog to recap his Power BI journey.

A little more about Sharan…
Sharan is headed to 12th grade at Issaquah High School this fall, but if my 12th grade self met Sharan, he would probably be speechless.

Sharan is a Student Entrepreneur. He just got back from Endevvr, a Summer Entrepreneurship program for students conducted at Wharton (UPenn). We’re sure he’s headed for great things in life. But I have to say Power BI skills under his belt would make him shine a little brighter at each step.

Power BI skills under your belt would make you shine a little brighter at each step

The other day, we were goofing around in Power BI just having fun with the visualizations. And I (seriously) joked about, how he would stand apart from the college crowd when he makes his semester project presentation using an all interactive Power BI dashboard.
(And you can too…stand apart at your workplace. We have lots of help to offer to jumpstart your Power BI journey. <end of sales pitch>)

Some of the projects we have planned with Sharan are:-

  • Sounders FC Power BI Dashboard. Sharan is a soccer player himself and an avid Sounders fan.
  • Power BI Dashboard highlighting the state of kids education
  • Power BI Model and Dashboard to help better manage and run the school store

Follow Sharan’s Power BI journey and look out for a recap post by him on this blog.

p.s. We’re always on the lookout for Intermediate/Advanced level talent in Seattle area. If interested, fill out the mini-application.

Power On!
-Avi Singh