PASS Business Analytics Pre-Conference Session

Less than three weeks away!

Just way too much going on this year, folks.  In a good way, but still, it means we struggle to keep up with making you aware of everything we’re doing.

Coming up on May 2nd, at the PASS BA conference in San Jose CA, Avi and I are going to be giving a brand-new, never-seen-before full-day class called “Dueling Dashboards – Practical Patterns for Your Business.”

Here’s the abstract:

Microsoft’s evolving strategy in BI and analytics has taken some very exciting turns over the past twelve months. What we used to call the Microsoft BI “platform” could now more appropriately be called an “ecosystem”: a suite of products that truly interoperate, are built upon the same core engines, and revolve around the same core languages.
In this full-day session, Rob Collie and Avi Singh of P3 Adaptive put that ecosystem through its paces for your benefit. Better yet, they have selected 10 real-world examples from their many years of experience, and will cover these patterns in their entirety so you can return to work and apply them immediately. All attendees will be provided with these examples in electronic format, complete with inline explanations and tips on adapting these patterns to your own needs, including:
• variance from target/budget
• outlier detection
• multi-level performance improvement
• Opportunity Gap Analysis
• accumulation trending
• geo targeting
• customer retention
• inventory burndown
• multi-channel customer satisfaction
• entity summaries

Rob and Avi will treat this as a friendly competition as to who will provide you with the clearest real-world impact. Attendees will also receive a full-color copy of Rob and Avi’s new book, “Power Pivot and Power BI, 2nd Edn.”, as well as eight laminated reference cards.

Very affordable at $595.  Hope to see you there, whether you’re attending the full conference or not.  Register here.