***Update***  B&N got confused on this, and does NOT have the books in stock yet!  Their system thinks our 2nd edition is only available as an eBook (they entered the 1st edition ISBN into their system rather than the new one).  Stand by for an update on this, we will let you know the new availability date.  Apologies folks Sad smile

Earlier this month we had a conversation with the “Product Mix” department at Barnes and Noble (the dominant bookstore chain here in the US, for all the non-US readers out there), and told them “hey, this Power Pivot and Power BI stuff is on the rise, BIG TIME…  you should be stocking more books on the subject.”

First of all, HOW AWESOME is it that we got to have that conversation???  Bill Jelen, you haz mad powerz, thanks for pulling those strings.

Second, they accepted our challenge of an experiment:  they will stock our new book for a few weeks and see what kind of “action” it gets.  If it does decent sales, they will keep the book on the shelves (AND start stocking more such books, which is just as important IMO, because people scanning the Excel section of a bookstore is one way that the word gets out about these toolsets).

How You Can Help (and Get a Free Book Plus Swag)

Simple: go into a local Barnes and Noble this weekend and buy the book “Power Pivot and Power BI.”  It looks like this, for quick reference:


Buy This Book at a Barnes and Noble, We’ll Send You Another Book Free (See Below)

What’s In It For You:  A Free Book, Plus.

This might seem like a money grab campaign by us, but if it were money we were after, we’d MUCH rather you buy the book from than Barnes and Noble or Amazon, because our cut of a retail sale is tiny compared to when we sell it ourselves.  (Like, it’s a 3-4x difference, no kidding).

No, this is an awareness campaign, and we’re going to “pay back” anyone who helps.  Buy the book above, and we’ll send you one of these:


We’ll Send You Your Choice of Any of These Books, Plus a DAX Sticker Smile

Yeah, and we’ll include one of the exclusive DAX stickers from the Indiegogo campaign:


You Will Also Get One of These Smile

How to Get Your Free Stuff

  1. Buy the Power Pivot and Power BI book at B&N.
  2. Keep the receipt.
  3. Mail it to the address below.
  4. Include a note as to which of the five books you want.


MrExcel Has Gone Insane
1075 Molaki Drive
Merritt Island FL 32953

Send Pictures!

We’d love to see pictures of the book on shelves in the physical world, so please please please send some!  (I’m going to be doing the same, canvasing B&N stores this weekend in my area).  Post them as comments, send them to our “empower” email address, tweet them at us, whatever.

Even if you don’t buy the book, send pics in fact if you happen to be in a B&N and see it Smile