Our monthly Power BI webinar is on Tue Nov 17. Go ahead and register now. We’ve been cranking on our PowerPivot book double-time, but I’m glad I’m still able to squeeze in our regular webinar. There is so much I want to share in updates, but I’m afraid that’d have to wait.

Here’s what you’d get from the webinar…

  • Newcomers: Should get a good dose of Introduction to Power BI (focused towards the Excel user)
  • Repeat Attendees: We would try to do a “Latest Updates” section to capture all the relevant Power BI news and updates.
  • Q&A Session: Both new and repeat attendees would have a chance to take part in the Q&A session.Click buttons below to find out more or to register.

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    Tue Nov 17

    P3 Adaptive  Free Webinar Series

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    Power On!
    Avi Singh [Twitter]