In my webinars you would often hear me say that Power Pivot is the heart of Power BI. Below is the visual that I use:

Power Pivot is the central engine that drives Power BI

However, when your name is P3 Adaptive , that seems a bit self-serving Smile. So I’ll shut up and let others do the talking.

Power BI is a complete and attractive product that does so much more than Power Pivot. At the same time it is still the same “soul” of the product at the core.

Kamal Hathi. Director of Product Management, Microsoft BI (Source: P3 Adaptive Article)

Everything from – accounts, balances, stores, products, income to P&L – we run through Power BI because the engine is so superior.”

Bruce Rioch, Head of Technology and Business Information. Metro Bank (Paraphrased from Source: Power BI Blog)

I have not crossed paths with Bruce Rioch, but I like him already. Because he ‘gets it’. I’m sure he saw his fair share of shock and awe Power BI demos – with dashboards, gauges, tree maps galore. He probably also used such shock and awe demos internally to make a case for Power BI (especially to senior management, the C level loves this stuff). However when he talks about Power BI, he calls out the superior engine. When I read that, I felt like giving him a hug.

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