Power BI Desktop Imported & Converted my Excel 2016 Power Pivot Model

All I Did Was Import my Excel 2016 Power Pivot Workbook
(Then Create the Chart)

Just Checking…

In last week’s post, I emphasized that I was using a new DAX function, PRODUCTX, that doesn’t appear in Power Pivot 2010 or 2013.

So that technique is NOT available to you in older versions of Excel.

But, it IS available to you as part of Power BI Desktop, and that does NOT require you to upgrade your version of Excel!

So, today I checked whether PBI Desktop would import my Excel 2016 Power Pivot model.  And it did, no issues.  So they’ve already got that working, which is awesome, considering that Excel 2016 released “for realz” last week.

Download my PBIX File (and PBI Desktop of course)

Want the file?  Just grab it here. And you can download PBI Desktop here.

If you’re nervous about PBI Desktop, reading this may help.