By Avi Singh [Twitter]

Friends, it was a joy again to host our free monthly webinar Excel to Power BI. As usual, we spent more than an hour on a lengthy Q&A session after the presentation. You can find the the recording at the end of this post.

Call for Your Power BI Votes!

In the webinar, we spoke about how there are two key scenarios for Excel Pros which are broken in Power BI.

1. Importing PowerPivot Data Model into Power BI Desktop

2. Connecting Excel to a Power BI Model

Now you can get a sense of how fast the Power BI team is working, since our webinar was on Aug 18th and on Aug 20th they announced that the latest Power BI Desktop update now supports #1 Smile

That aside, Power BI team is certainly listening to the users. But, Excel Pros need to step up and speak up to get their voices heard. The means to do that is by submitting and voting for Excel friendly Power BI ideas on their support site.

Ones that we would recommend voting are compiled at

Since we submitted the “Connect Excel to Power BI Data Model…” idea (#2 above) it has been steadily climbing the charts. And is currently #1 under Hot Ideas on Power BI. That’s great, but keep your votes coming so that the Power BI team appropriately prioritizes this request.

Keep Voting!

Enjoy the webinar recording using links below.

Excel to Power BI: Webinar Recording Aug 18

Click above or Use the links below to jump to a specific topic:-
00:28 Start of Webinar
01:26 What is Power BI
03:17 Why use Power BI
08:34 How to use Power BI
12:55 Demo – Start
13:32 Demo – Get Data
16:31 Demo – Create Reports
17:22 Demo – Create Dashboards
20:23 Demo – Share Dashboard
27:37 Demo – Mobile App
29:17 Demo – Refresh
31:06 What’s Next