By Avi Singh [Twitter]

Last online class we hit an important milestone where we had our first attendee from South Africa. Why is that important? Per Google trends, South Africa is the hottest place for Power Pivot!

South Africa finally joined our party!

Besides the geographical distribution, really what kind of folks are attending our classes? Take a look at the word cloud below based on the business titles:-

Among class attendees, Analyst dominate but we have folks from many walks of life

Sure, ‘Analyst’ dominate but if you look carefully, you’ll find – CFO, CTO, Student, Marketing, Accountant, Finance and even a Director of Football Operations 🙂 That is the goal of this class and my personal goal too. To spread this revolution far and wide, touch folks from all backgrounds and all titles. All are welcome! The Online Class is specifically designed for the beginning user.

Your next opportunity to attend our Online Class is on Jun 8-9th. Use links below for information/registration. Keep in mind, Online Class attendees are invited to a Q&A (Office Hour) session each month to aid them in their Power Pivot/Power BI journey after the class.