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Best and Fastest Computers for Power Pivot, DAX, and Power BI - WE WANT TO KNOW!

Looking for the Fastest Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Servers!

“What’s a good computer for running Power Pivot?”  That’s a question we get asked all the time.  And we do have lots of advice – things that make a good CPU, RAM considerations, etc. – but that always translates to a hunting license of sorts. 

It would be much nicer for us to say, “here are three models in your price range that we recommend.”

And to be comfortable doing that, we need to specifically test for speed.

So if you have five minutes, please take a moment and run a quick test.  We provide a benchmark workbook and instructions.

The Links!

Excel 2010 Benchmark Workbook

Excel 2013 Benchmark Workbook

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The Results!

We will leave this open for a week or so, then summarize the results back here on the blog, along with some very specific recommendations on particular hardware models in various price ranges and form factors.