I have loved reading ever since I was a young kid. In my adult life though, reading fell on the wayside, as life got busy. Now, I have worked as a Business Analyst for a long time, and the role suited me naturally. However at times I fall victim to analysis paralysis. My inability to get my reading fix, was one casualty. Let me explain.

I felt that since I was soooo busy, I had to make the best use of my time. I wanted to pick the BEST business books, the BEST self-help books, the BEST fiction books that would enrich me. Unfortunately that meant, I would occasionally go on the hunt for the “best”, give up after a while, and repeat the cycle; without ever actually reading many books.

It was years before I realized my folly. The way out was the “Librarian’s Picks” section at our local library. I would trust their judgment, and started picking several books from that section. I did more reading in that one year than I had done in the previous ten years.

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