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Excel Speakers are a BIG Presence at This Year's PASS Business Analytics Conference

The “Modern Excel” Vibe is Taking Over This Year’s Speaker Lineup.
Come Hang Out With Us…  And Oh Yeah, Attend Our Sessions Smile

Getting the Band Back Together!

Holy cow folks, am I stoked!  Look at that lineup!  I’d go to this event (PASS Business Analytics Conference) just to HANG OUT with these people.  Other than the Excel MVP Summit at Microsoft HQ, you don’t ever really find this many “EXCELebrities” in one place.  (See what I did there?  I made a new word!  Let’s make it stick.)

But unlike the MVP Summit, this event is open to the public.  Come hang out with us.  And oh yeah, attend our sessions too!

Registration Discount Code

Register using the official P3 Adaptive discount code BASPROB and save $150.

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Full Day Pre-Conference Sessions by Rob/Avi… and Chandoo!

Avi and I are teaming up to deliver a full-day “pre-con” session on Monday April 20:

Power BI Training Class - Full Day - Taught by Rob Collie and Avi Singh

Click to Visit Our (Rob and Avi’s) Pre-Con Session Page

But we have some TOUGH competition on the same day, as The Mighty Chandoo himself is also delivering a full-day pre-con session!

Excel Charts and Dashboards Class by Chandoo

Click to Visit Chandoo’s Pre-Con Session Page

More to Come!

More announcements in the near future as we firm a few more things up.  Watch this space.

(Yes, yours truly was on the steering committee this year.  I’ve had to take a reduced role in recent months with everything that’s been going on, but I did help shape the agenda in the early stages, and I’m kinda getting pulled back in now – like Pacino in Godfather Part 3.)