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Click to Download the Workbooks and Data Sources

Apologies for the Delay

No excuses, I just fumbled this.  At one point I *did* plan to make the files available for the Alchemy book, just like I did for my first book.  But then I got lazy and thought “nah, people don’t really seem to need them.”  Which was dumb.  There are even places in the book where I say “you can grab the files and walk through this yourself.”  Ugh, so silly.  Anyway, finally they are ready to be shared:

Grab the Files Here

Don’t Have the Book?  Grab the Files Anyway!

If you want the files but haven’t purchased Alchemy, do NOT feel guilty – just grab the files anyway!  Seriously, “steal” them all you want.  Give them to your friends and family.  Re-gift them at the holidays, heh heh.  Yes, the files contain useful examples on their own, but they’re also a good “advertisement” for the actual book, so we don’t mind.

Click Here to “Steal” With Our Compliments 🙂

Have fun!