Post by Rob Collie


Do You Have the “Data Gene?”  Know Your Way Around Power Pivot?
We’re Looking for You in 2015!

Hi folks, we’ve done this a number of times on behalf of our clients, but never before have we solicited resumes for P3 Adaptive itself.

Well, I think that changes in 2015.

Now, to be perfectly clear, we’re not hiring immediately, nor are we 100% certain yet on what kinds of positions we will be filling.  (Nor how many team members we will add).

But I’m confident that we WILL be growing the team this year, and I’d like to start getting a sense of who is out there that would be interested.

So, if you’re even curious about what this might look like, click below and fill out our mini-application form:

Me?  Yeah, I Like Changing the World!  🙂