By Avi Singh [Twitter]

For today’s post, I get to combine two of my passions – Seahawks Football and Power BI. Watch the video below where the play by play game data from the SEA vs GB game, is analyzed in Power Pivot and visualized in the new Power BI Dashboard Preview.

Here are some of the highlights from the video, you can click these images to jump to that section in the video. Look out for some special guest star appearances in the video around the 30 second mark!

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Video Highlights

  1. Pulling and Parsing Play by Play game data: Gosh this was hard. I threw the kitchen-sink at it, using Power Query, regular Excel and VBA. That is the part that I like about Power BI though. You do not have to chuck everything you have learned so far. I am able to weave in all my existing skills around Excel and SQL when I use Power BI.
  2. Building the data model. Pretty basic and quite flat. Learn how not to be flat.
  3. Analysis of the game using Power Pivot measures (Excel Dashboard)
    I have real respect for all the number crunching that goes on in NFL. It ain’t easy. Fans can check out Rob’s Great Football Project.
  4. Football Earthquake: Yup, the seismologists can hear the 12th man!
  5. Power BI Dashboard Preview: Introduction
  6. Power BI Dashboard: Treemap
  7. Power BI Dashboard: Gauge
  8. Power BI Dashboard: Combo Chart
  9. Power BI Dashboard: Scatter Chart. Charts Reception Yards by Height and Weight of the players

The million (billion?) dollar question

How does it all fit in, in Microsoft’s vision and roadmap?There would be Power BI users on Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 365, upcoming Office 15 and the Power BI cloud service. The new release has even struck out of the Office camp in some ways, by releasing a stand-alone Power BI Designer. That can be a good thing, but being an Excel user at heart, leaves me wondering where things are headed. Either way, this promises to be a rollicking ride!

Download the file here.

Power On!
Avi Singh