by Avi Singh [Twitter]

Pop quiz: For 2015, do you
a) change nothing this year?
b) Embark on a brand new path of empowered BI?

Calling out to folks who are sitting on the Excel fence and have not dipped their toe in Power Pivot.
Or business groups that want to explore a whole new way of doing BI, that is low cost, agile and delivers results.

Join us for our next Webinar: Excel to Power Pivot: Cross the Gap, Tuesday Jan 20th 2015

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For many readers who have already crossed the gap, please forward this to those who need help.
We did face some technical difficulties in our first attempt on Dec 1st, but since then have switched to using GoToMeeting – world leader in web conferencing – and it has performed superbly. Thanks for bearing with us as we experiment with this new format.