By Avi Singh [Twitter]

UPDATE: We ran into technical issues with the Webinar on Dec 1st using Rescheduling to Fri Dec 5th. See event page for details. Switching to world class web conferencing this time (GoToWebinar)…um, but we are limited to 100 attendees (and a bit oversold, oops!). Join on time to make sure you get your spot – if unable to join, rest assured; you’ll get first dibs on the next one we schedule (planned in January)

Happy Monday! We’ll be going light this week for Thanksgiving, but we have big things cooking for next week. Monday Dec 1st we are hosting our Webinar Excel to Power Pivot: Cross the Gap. Webinar is targeted towards Excel users who are new to Power Pivot.

Most readers here are already across the gap, but do share this with others you know who might benefit. Like the guy in the next cubicle, who has the monthly Excel report that’s chock full of formulas across ten sheets and takes a week to update; and how he needs to schedule his vacation always around the weekly update because no one else can do it. Yeah, tell him his life is about to be transformed.


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