By Avichal Singh

Getting amped up for our first class in Seattle! Just got the box of books from Rob, which we hand out at the class. Check out all the other goodies you would get 🙂


The Excel to Power Pivot workshops have been a blast, but the class is going to be even more fun. Just looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of cool new people as well, who are all excited about Power Pivot (we’ll get you excited, if you aren’t yet). Everyone learns in their own way, however

  • Live class is a terrific way to jumpstart your learning
  • It is amazing how much easier it is to really absorb and cement the concepts, even if you have been using Power Pivot for a while
  • It is also a great networking opportunity. Some of these folks may be your new Excel friends for life 🙂

    Speaking from my personal experience here – after attending Rob’s class even with 5 year’s worth of Power Pivot experience – and I have heard the same from Rob and Matt. See you soon!

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