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PowerPivot Pro Training Australia

“Scaling Out”

Despite me being arguably the loudest advocate of our favorite technology, it remains true that this Power Pivot thing is much bigger than any one person, and everyone needs help.

I’ve already reached the limits of my own personal travel calendar.  As much as I would LOVE to jetset around the world and teach classes everywhere, well, my family would never see me except for occasional burned-out stopovers at home.

The fortunate position I find myself in is that I’ve met AMAZING people over the years.  When I need help, I have the luxury of consulting the Rolodex of Awesome.

So when the time comes to help spread our most benevolent of viruses to the other side of the world, I’m ridiculously happy to be able to call up people like Matt Allington.

(If you haven’t heard Matt’s story, you should quickly click on his name above, right now, because it will blow your mind – I am still putting mine back together actually.)



Certified in My Methods

PowerPivot Pro Training Australia

As of Today, Matt Allington is the ONLY Person
I’ve EVER Certified in My Teaching Methods

In July, Matt made the voyage from Down Under to the shores of Lake Erie for an intensive week at P3 Adaptive HQ.  I deprived him of sleep.  I fed him nothing but Ohio food, like 3-pound grilled cheese sandwiches.  I subjected him to relentless DAX torture.  He bent spoons with his mind.


And then, after that grueling process, he sat in on my July class.  Not as a student, but as one who absorbs methodology.

Finally, when that was all done, I tested him some more. In sneaky ways that I don’t think he realized at the time (including a most awesome roundtable discussion consisting of the two of us plus Mike Miskell and GDRIII).

He is ready.

So if you live in Australia (or even in that corner of the world) and are looking for live training and/or assistance on Power Pivot, I heartily recommend Matt.

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