Rant On.  100% ON.

I’m writing this post on a Lenovo Yoga 2 laptop that will be returned to Best Buy by the time you have read this.

Nothing but a nightmare.  Starts off with one of those improvements that we all love so much:


3200 Lines of Resolution, WOW!  So Why do I have it set at 1600???


Clearly, someone in Redmond got jealous about Apple’s Retina display (MacBooks go to 2880) and decided to push hardware manufacturers to pony up.

Trouble is, legacy apps are NOT built with such resolutions in mind.  Like, I don’t know…  YOUTUBE?


No, I haven’t zoomed out.  YouTube’s video controls are MICROSCOPIC.
The mouse cursor is normally, you know, smaller than the buttons you are
supposed to click.  Not true on the Yoga 2!

Nothing is safe, not even the sheet tabs in Excel 2010.  Check out how the new sheet tab icon is partly obscured:


I could go on.  Basically two-thirds of my Windows apps are screwed up, many of which to the point where they simply can’t be used at all.  Not an exaggeration.

Tellingly, Excel 2013 is mostly OK – better than 2010.  In other words, the Windows team knew about this coming change (High Resolution Displays), and tipped off other teams at MS.  Held them hostage really – make changes to support our new settings, or we’ll get Steven Sinofsky on you.

Of course, 2013 is NOT 100% OK.  The browse dialog, for instance, is messed up and cramped – needs to be resized larger every time you use it.

Why is Excel 2013 not 100% OK?  Because, well, I’m sure the High Resolution Display hardware was not yet available for testing when Office 2013 was being engineered.

I’ve been to this rodeo.  Used to help orchestrate it.  Which makes it all the more disgusting – familiarity breeds contempt and all.

So, shame on you, Windows team, AND Lenovo. You are both well aware of this problem by now and are hoping it doesn’t blow up on you.  Unfortunately it blew up on ME instead.

Yes, I eventually figured out how to “fix” it.  Set the resolution down to 1600, and then change the size of desktop items back to 100% (which is not the default):


But now everything is blurry because LCD’s are not meant to be run at their non-native resolutions.

Stay the hell away from this hardware unless you plan to only run the absolute newest software.  Oh, also make sure you never use that “niche” app known as YouTube.

Is There a Point?

Well, yes, there are two.  One, avoid this laptop, and any laptop with similar display resolution, is my advice.

Second, imagine what it takes for someone like me to actually LOVE a piece of tech.  I’m spitting mad right now and would love to have that spit physically land on the people involved with creating this disaster (I even have a few names in mind).

And I LOVE Power Pivot.