Well folks it’s been one of “those” weeks.  Who would have thought travel would be disrupted by subzero temperatures combined with driving snow and wind?

My trip to the airport on Monday was just that – a trip to the airport with a lengthy stay…  at the airport.  And then a cab ride home once the airlines finally dropped all pretense of launching planes.

So my consulting engagement that was supposed to be this Tue/Wed is now this Thu/Fri.  Good news is that it’s in Florida – where they consider 55F “cold.” 


Scenes From the Cleveland Airport When the Sun is Setting On Your Travel Plans

But Good News!  The future of Google Spreadsheets vs. Excel!

Semi-presciently, I wrote a rant of sorts in response to a question Oz du Soleil asked me in email a couple weeks back – will Google Docs ever “beat” Excel?

It’s somewhat of a debate between me, Bill Jelen, and a few others.

He’s posting the responses in a series.  Apparently I’m in part three, which isn’t yet posted at the time of writing, but probably will be when you see this.

So head over to Oz’s site and see what’s shaking.

Part one and part two, already posted, are available by clicking, you know, those links.