The One and Only Bill Jelen (left) and His Superhero Alter Ego, MrExcel (right)
(yes there was a wardrobe change.  he brought his own phonebooth and everything)

Whatever “mentum” is, we are gaining “mo” of it.

Get it?  Mo-mentum?

Awesome time last night.  I got to sit and watch Bill do his thing.  I had asked him to cover his favorite new things in Excel 2010 and 2013, knowing full well that he’d do maybe 50% Power Pivot at most.

We were thirty minutes into his demos before he showed us a trick that I already knew.

Neat huh?  Time after time, I was like “wow, THAT is in the product??”

Excel pros will crawl over broken glass for camaraderie

We had just as strong of an “out of town” contingent at last night’s meeting as we did the first time around.

We even had another Excel MVP, Jordan Goldmeier, surprise us by driving up from Dayton for the event.  Here we are flashing the official Excel Gang Sign:


Me, Jordan, and Bill.
(No, I am not drunk.  I just blink in virtually every flash picture ever taken of me.)

Then our post-event trip to the bar and grill across the street was again “stronger” than last time.  We overflowed our table and are bordering on having to reserve our own room next time.

Maybe we can get Mavis Winkle’s to sponsor the group, heh heh.

The #1 Highlight

My favorite part of the whole night:  sitting back at the pub and listening to the Excel pro on my left (Peter) and the Excel pro across from me (Matt) explain to the other Excel pros at the table how much Power Pivot has changed their entire way of working.

Four+ years of shouting from the rooftops, and now I occasionally get to watch other people spread the word while I just sit back and nod emphatically?  Imagine how good that feels.

Reminded me of that scene in Fight Club where Tyler is no longer the center of each “meeting,” he just floats around the periphery, in the shadows.  The club sustains itself. 

Tyler Durden is everywhere, is everyone.