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Cities That are Ready (Updates in CAPS):  NASHVILLE, SYDNEY, GENEVA, CAPE TOWN, TORONTO, COPENHAGEN, New York, Dallas, Indianapolis, Southern California, Kansas City, London, Northern England, Portland, Detroit, Washington DC, Vancouver Bc, Boston, Cincy/Dayton, Milwaukee/Madison, Seattle, Atlanta.

Cities That are Close (Updates in CAPS):  HOUSTON, MIAMI, PHILADELPHIA, AMSTERDAM, PORTO, MONTREAL, WELLINGTON, Denver, Northern California, Charlotte, Birmingham (Alabama), Oslo, Stockholm, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Perth, Melbourne.

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I go under the knife tomorrow to repair the knee I wrecked in the Great Trampoline Incident.  But those cities that are ready should expect to start hearing from me in the next couple of weeks.  In the background, I am hunting venues where the groups can meet – typically at MS offices.