Yes, I Finally Got My Abstract Out of My Head and Onto Paper
(The PASS Folks Have Shown Me Much Patience, Thank You!)


Business Analytics Conference.  But I can’t look at it and NOT see Bacon.

Dark Matter:  Domain Experts & Nextgen Spreadsheets Are Our Future

(If you like this title, I take full credit.  If you don’t like it, I blame Tom LaRock for being a poor sounding board.  I can’t lose!)

Here’s the abstract in full:

The biggest missing pieces of your organization’s Big Data, data science, or business intelligence strategy aren’t “missing” at all – you already have them, if you know where to look. For too long, we have allowed the technology tail to wag the domain expertise dog; organizations that reverse that relationship in a controlled fashion realize dramatic improvements in short periods of time – with improved clarity, greater agility, higher ROI on tech investments, and improved IT-business relations. Cutting-edge fields like Big Data come into focus, allowing you to make high-ROI, low-risk investments.

Come learn how “small” advances in spreadsheet technology open the door to that new culture while simultaneously turning your “Excel problem” into your biggest competitive advantage. Noted spreadsheet sociologist and time traveler Rob Collie leads this interactive discussion: a short introduction of four critical concepts, followed by a menu of discussion topics for audience selection.

Join Me in Chicago, April 10-12

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