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PowerPivot Going Mainstream! has long been a very popular destination for Excel people on the Internet.  I like to think of P3 Adaptive as a popular destination for PowerPivot people on the Internet, but we are still very, very early in the PowerPivot awareness curve.  I estimate that if you are reading this, you are one of the first 0.5% of the eventual PowerPivot audience. 

Take a bow, fellow “zero-point-five-percenters.” Smile

So it’s really exciting to see someone like Chandoo building out an entire PowerPivot course.  This is no small investment of time on his part, as you can see in the course outline below:



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imageIt is rumored that yours truly will be teaching a guest module in the course.  OK, it’s confirmed.  I even got a special Chandoo-approved haircut for the occasion.  What do you think?

Students of the course will also get an e-book copy of my book.  So there’s another bonus.

What’s the Intent of the Course?

First off, the courses are delivered as video and can be watched and re-watched on demand.  So in that sense, the course is like a book, but it’s a video – which some people prefer over books.

Secondly, Chandoo tells me that his book will “aim” somewhere in between Bill’s book and my book in terms of how advanced the subject matter is.

Exciting times!