Survey results so far

PowerPivot DAX Comfort Level "Spicy Scale" Survey

Thanks everyone who has responded so far.  Very interesting results!  Click here if you still haven’t taken the survey – I will leave it open for awhile.

Another free book option opens up:  Books 24×7

The book is finally available via Books 24/7, which is a service that many companies subscribe to.  Apparently, if you are a subscriber, you can read the book for free.  Fancy.

Books 24×7 Subscribers Click Here

Bill and I are working hard to get you the PowerPivot skillz, one way or another.  45% comfort level with ALL() tells me I have much work yet to do.  But I promise you will make that transition and become ALL()-knowing between pages 69 and 75 Smile

Challenge for 24×7 Subscribers:  Flip through the book today online and find something you didn’t already know.  Let me know what your favorite nugget is.  I’m rob.  At a place called P3 Adaptive .  Dot com.