If You’re a CPA, and Need CPE Credit, Consider
Watching Me Show Off PowerPivot for an Hour

I’ve had an interesting new experience this week – I recorded a webcast for CFO Magazine.  Bill does these all the time and asked if I’d be interested in doing one this month. 

I’m usually game for this sort of thing, and it did turn out to be fun.  Squeezing a whirlwind tour of PowerPivot as well as a bunch of specific how-to techniques into a single hour – there’s a certain pace to that which I kinda liked.  I had to be thrifty with what I showed.

(I suspect Bill is a lot faster at recording these than I am however – I spent probably 20 hours recording a one hour webcast.)

Anyway, two key points:

  1. The webcast is not free.  It is certified as training for accountants and there is a $149 fee for the session, so unless you are a CPA, I suspect you are going to skip this one.
  2. It includes a copy of my book.  The $149 fee for the course does not go to me – that goes to the CFO Mag organization.  But you do get a copy of the book, and yes, they do pay me for the book.

What I Cover in the Webcast

Here’s the list of “chapters” and the running time of each:


Anyway, here’s the registration link again:

Click Here to Register