A few of the “get your name in the book” flashmob participants have been disappointed, on receiving their books, to see that the books aren’t autographed.

I apologize for the confusion.  I never intended to autograph the books – since those shipped from Amazon there was no way to do so anyway.

The thing that I DID mean to do was to literally put your name in the book.  As in, printed into the book at the factory.  In EVERY copy of the book, not just yours.

So if you were part of that pre-order crew, when you receive your book, please flip to pages 238 and 239:


FlashMob Participants – Your Name “in Lights”
(Click for Much Larger Version)

If and when we do a second printing of the book, maybe I’ll have a chance to do something like this again, and add more of you Smile