***UPDATE – FULL:  Wave one filled up fast, no need for 48 hours.  We actually went over 100 during the night and hit about 130.  We’re letting all of those in, but are taking down the signup form now.

Stay tuned for news about Wave Two Smile


Excel Pros Don’t Always Dress Like This of Course, But It’s Still a Great Picture

Following up from yesterday’s post, here’s the link for the free site signup:

<Link removed, wave one full>

Bring it on Smile

Minimal Handholding is Intentional

One of our goals here is to see how understandable our whole system is, so we’re trying to keep “human handholding” to a minimum and see where/if people stumble.

Go watch yesterday’s video if you haven’t already.

Then there are support forums available to you once you have your site.  See if you can find them.  I’m intentionally NOT telling you HOW to find them Smile

That said, if you have outright “I can’t go any farther and am completely stumped” problems and can’t get to the forums for some reason, hit me up with a mail.  I’m rob.  At a place called P3 Adaptive .  Dot com.