Hi folks.  One of my old teams at Microsoft (the PowerPivot/SSAS team) is conducting a survey of BI professionals and they need a large sample size.

This is NOT aimed at Excel pros, so most of you can ignore it.  But if you’re a BI pro, please consider doing so.

I know from personal experience how valuable it is for Microsoft engineering teams to get real-world input.  And I also know that it’s valuable to YOU to provide it.  So many times, MS would build the feature that you need if they only knew you needed it.  Help them take the guesswork out of it ok?

Take it away Lance…

Hi everyone,

I’m Lance Delano, Lead PM for the Analysis Services team in SQL Server.  We’re doing a survey of BI Professionals and we’d love to get input from you.  This survey is about tools and capabilities for SQL Server Analysis Services development.   We’re trying out survey format that is a little different.  We ask about “Must Haves” and “Delighters.”  We think this format will better help us understand what we need to do.  The survey is about 20 minutes long and we’d really appreciate it if you took the time to give us your feedback.  It’s super important to us.  We’ve already hit 70 completed surveys.  Our goal is 150.   Thanks for your feedback.

The survey link is here: https://www.instant.ly/s/Wqdj4mEAIAA.