Pivotstream Jumps Over the Pond, Opening Office and Data Center in Europe

Happy to Finally Share the Secret!

Boy, I have been dying to share this, but had to wait until it was official:  David Churchward has joined Pivotstream and will be running our operations in Europe.

At a high level, this means a few things:

  1. We will be opening a data center in Europe – European customers who have desired a Cloud PowerPivot site (or one of our Insight as a Service solutions) have often needed the data to physically remain in the European Union (for legal and privacy reasons).  This will no longer be an obstacle.
  2. We will be doing more work in the finance, accounting, and CRM spaces.  David is a MACHINE when it comes to this stuff, as evidenced by his posts on this blog.  This expands our Insight as a Service capabilities in this space, but also gives us the ability to “seed” the broader PowerPivot world with templates – more on this later.
  3. I’ll be able to bug David a lot more often and not feel guilty about distracting him from his “real” job – part of his job now is to be pestered by me!  (Hmm, I DO suppose that works both ways…)


Pivotstream Ltd. – Tentative Logo is Nothing Fancy, All Business

Reinforcement of the Excel Revolution

Regular readers of this blog are familiar with me getting on a soapbox and proclaiming that the future of Excel, and Excel Pros, is exceedingly bright.  PowerPivot changes everything, including our careers.

The fact that I’ve spent the past three years making my living completely off of PowerPivot is testament to that.  It helps the credibility of my message, a lot, that I can say this:  I don’t just talk the story of this revolution, I live it.  I work it.  And it pays the bills.

But now, here’s another public confirmation of it:  It’s a major investment, opening a data center and offices in Europe.  It’s not a step we would take lightly.  You should take this as further confirmation that the world is changing in your favor.  And similarly, David would not have left his Director job at Azzurri to do this otherwise.

Speaking of which…

David Churchward:  DAX Pro with Benefits

imageDavid is a PowerPivot Pro, for sure.  But being clever with DAX isn’t the only reason why he’s the right guy to run our operations in Europe.

When he and I first exchanged emails a long time ago, I was under the mistaken impression that he was one of the millions of Excel Pros worldwide who labored in relative anonymity (which is something that I believe PowerPivot fixes).  So as his PowerPivot skills took off, I was stoked for him expanding his reach – here was a guy that was going to “get noticed” in a big way as a result of his revolutionary work.

But it turns out, the sneaky bugger was already running things Smile.  He was just looking for smarter ways to do it.

At Azzurri, David was a Director in finance and IT.  He managed large teams on big projects.  He was an equity holder.  He was, like Ron Burgandy above, “kind of a big deal.”  So like many people at Pivotstream, he will wear many hats.  One of them is a PowerPivot Pro hat, for sure.

And another hat just happens to be Managing Director – Europe Smile

Welcome, David!

Stay Tuned for Similarly Big News on Tuesday!

As big as today’s news is, I have another secret to reveal next week, and it rivals this one in size and impact.  The handful of readers who I’ve briefed on this were incredibly stoked about it, and I can’t wait to pull back the curtain.  I’m pretty sure that I’ll finally be able to share it on Tuesday, so stay tuned Smile