data loaded into PowerPivot (No Special Skills Required) data loaded into PowerPivot (No Special Skills Required!)

This Whole Cloud Thing Just Might Catch On…

We live in pretty exciting times.  Sometimes it’s simply amazing what I can do from my desk, without having to take off my Excel hat.  All of these various technologies available to us in the cloud, plus PowerPivot’s ability to talk to them…  the net impact really starts to add up sometimes.

All of the Tables Available, Just Select and Click Finish

I didn’t have to do anything “technical” to pull this off really, I just end up using the PowerPivot import wizard:

Simple import of data into PowerPivot, just select and click

Simple import of data into PowerPivot, just select and click

What’s the Trick?

I do have a trick up my sleeve here, but I’m not quite ready to disclose it.  For now I will say that I’ve discovered a potential new technology partner, one who seemingly “makes the impossible, possible” as Vincent Vega once said.

But the important points about this new technology are:

  1. It is very, VERY simple to use
  2. It is similarly very, VERY cost effective.  We don’t even really notice the price of using it.
  3. It’s not just Salesforce – it makes other cloud data sources similarly simple.

Simple, cheap, and broadly useful.  The are appealing themes, especially to an Excel guy like me.  Assuming it all works.

Wanna Help Me Test It? 

This seems quite promising to me, but I haven’t proven it to myself yet.  The data source shown above is just the demo account from SalesForce.

If you are a heavy user of SalesForce, and you’d like to work with me to see if we can analyze and report on that data in PowerPivot, drop us a note:  [email protected]

If we end up picking you as the test project, I promise you’ll get lots of free value out of it.  I might even be able to talk David Churchward into getting involved Smile